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Yougar YGS-43CT CNC Small Hole EDM


Product Description

Yougar YGS-43CT CNC Small Hole EDM 



  • Ø  Granite Worktable maximizes precision and excellent electrical isolator


  • Ø  Aluminum & Stainless-Steel Rail System eliminates the need for expensive fixturing


  • Ø  Dual-Side Cabinet Design completely separates internal plumbing from electrical components


  • Ø  Closed Loop DI Filtration minimizes shop floor footprint and eliminates need to purchase additional filtration units


  • Ø  AC Servo Motors excellent stability and high precision drilling through AC high resolution servo motors with precise resolvability of 0.1µm (.00003937”) on X, Y, Z, W.


  • Ø  Precision Ball Screws offer high speed processing and precise working using 1 µm control purse.


  • Ø  Linear Motion Guides Extended machine life with the use of linear motion guides on all 4 axes (X, Y, Z, W)


  • Ø  T Axis Tilt Head offers 5th axis capabilities


  • Ø  65 Amp Power Supply


  • Ø  LED Worklight




  • Ø  Windows Based Operating System allows for excellent controller flexibility with windows based security features and online Remote Access Service through “TEAM VIEWER”.


  • Ø  32 bit high Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Platform ensures system stability


  • Ø  Program using G and M Code Programming; NC and DXF file reading function


  • Ø  Initial Zero-Set offer automatic reset and depth calculation of Z axis


  • Ø  Soft Start Feature reduces entry point burr formation


  • Ø  Electrode Setting Storage allows for user defined setting management and sample test bank


  • Ø  Automatic Work Piece Pickup ID, OD, cylindrical and shapes


  • Ø  Blind Hole Capabilities offer automatic checking of  hole depth and return function


  • Ø  Multiple Work Piece Setup allows for simultaneous programming and machining


  • Ø  On Screen Editing offers point and click programming options with hole elimination


  • Ø  Programmable “W” Axis for variable work piece height capability


  • Ø  X/Y Mirror rotation, exchange and angling


  • Ø  Programmable machining parameters absolute / Incremental input


  • Ø  Dry Run Function with single block option


  • Ø  Pitch error compensation


  • Ø  Drilling timer both cycle time and program time


  • Ø  Data input by USB, CD or Ethernet




ModelYougar YGS-43CT CNC Small Hole EDM
Weight1,590.00 LBS
Travel of x,y axis305 mm x 406 mm | 12 in x 16 in
Travel of z axis400 mm | 15.75 in
Travel of w axis400 mm | 15.75 in
Z axis rotaion / tilt angle+/- 45° / >90° | 001° Increments
Machine net weight720 kg | 1590 lbs
Machine footprint1220 mm x 1520 mm | 48 in x 60 in
Granite table size (l x w)350 mm x 500 mm | 13.75 in x 19.75 in
Work table size (l x w)648 mm x 908 mm | 25.5 in x 35.75 in
Work table inserts(12) M8 threaded inserts
Tooling systemAluminum Rail System; Stainless Steel Rail Guides
Max height of work piece350 mm | 13.75 in
Max weight of work piece500 kg | 1100 lbs
Electrode diameter (w/o aec)Ø 0.1 mm ~ Ø 3.0 mm | Ø .004 in ~ Ø .12 in
Electrode diameter (w/ aec)Ø 0.3 mm ~ Ø 3.0 mm | Ø .012 in ~ Ø.12 in
Max length of electrode400 mm | 15.75 in
X, y, w, z, t guidesLinear Motion Guides
X, y, w, t motors / drivesYaskawa Servo Motors / Drives | 20 bit / 1,048,576 phase
X, y, w, t table feedbackPrecision Ball Screws
TypeInput power AC / discharge output DC
SwitchingHigh current FET
Output amperage mean / peakMax 65A
Power rating220V / 5KVA
Input power1 Phase, 220V, 50~60Hz.
Amperage setting36 step
On-time setting255 step
Off-time setting255 step
Servo feedrate1200mm / min
Dielectric fluidDe Ionized WaterXH hz | Self-Contained; Closed Loop
Water capacity15 gallons | 57 liters
Max flow rate0.057 gallonsXH hz | 0.2 liters